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Welcome to the StartSSL™ Web-of-Trust

The StartSSL™ Web-of-Trust (WoT) is a growing community network of members, operated and supported by StartCom, where WoT appointed members perform the verification of its fellow members and subscribers. This is a decentralized certification system for the validation of the subscriber's identity in digital certificates, performed face-to-face in person by other members with notary status.

Any person can participate and be a member of the StartSSL™ WoT and by qualifying to the guidelines also act as a WoT-Notary. The multiple assurances made by the verifying notaries provide an added value to the issued certificates. Once a member is validated by at least two different StartSSL™ WoT-Notaries, the member is eligible to receive free S/MIME personal certificates issued in their name.

Please read the following Blog article RSS by Eddy Nigg, founder of StartCom, where he describes into more detail what else can be done with a WoT validated membership. See the How to section for more information on becoming a member and StartSSL™ WoT-Notary. Join the new StartSSL™ WoT mailing list to stay involved.